Weaves new science theories with a story full of action and adventure

A Review by Author, Margaret Duarte

I’m offering the type of review I, as an author, love receiving. One written from the heart. For starters, I didn’t expect to like a story about reincarnation. However, The Organ Pipes of the Soul was so well written that I was pulled in and couldn’t stop reading until the end. Yes, all 511 pages! Author Robert Springer managed to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, mind and matter, and us and the rest of the cosmos. He wove new science theories (confirming that things are far more connected than traditional physics allows) with a story full of continuous action and adventure, as well as characters I couldn’t help but feel for and cheer for. As I understand it, this new science postulates that everything is ultimately energy that allows us to achieve unity with others in a kind of collective consciousness—both an inspiring and a rather scary way to look at things. All in all, I recommend The Organ Pipes of the Soul as an entertaining and thought-provoking read.


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