“Reincarnation is essential to enable the soul to evolve to its divine right.”

A Review of Robert Springer’s The Organ Pipes of the Soul by Jessica.

Welcome back folks, I recently finished reading this distinctive fiction and I’m sure you’ll love it too. The story is based on reincarnation, the afterlife, and fresh embodiment. There are certain things we could not accomplish while we’re alive, so do we get an opportunity to accomplish them after we leave our bodies!? This story unveils this truth of the afterlife, all the readers will witness the afterlife of certain characters and see how they crave to accomplish the left deeds. The story begins with Arthur, who somehow fails in his love life while he was alive and now wants to make it with his love Elle in his afterlife. Elle was a pianist she too is in her afterlife and is in a dilemma if she should undergo reincarnation with Arthur because in their past life she was left heartbroken by him. Unfortunately, both couldn’t make it for long in their past lives but will they make it now? Apart from this, there is a woman in her afterlife, described as a Coyote, she feels, she has no existence but gradually she rediscovers herself, her worth, and love. Flip the pages to discover these marvelous secrets of the afterlife.

I feel this story is totally mind-blending, I love fiction and this one is simply amazing. The author has creatively developed the plot and the link between science and the spiritual world. A very unique theme that will compel your nerves to think deep. The title and the cover of the book are equally amazing.

I would recommend you all to read this book. Fiction lovers and ultra curious readers will admire it for sure. Grind slow and discover the cloistered world and enter the world of intellectuals and great thinkers. Get your copy now.